All your video needs is a little TLC.






 We don't own some swanky studio downtown. We won't come to meetings in suits and ties, or have our people call your people. We are a new company with great talent, and we'd rather get to know you over a beer and wings than wine and dine you at some frou frou restaurant.


We know that the best relationships are the longterm kind, and we'll strive to impress you with each project. We go above and beyond with everything that we do because at the end of the day, it's a reflection of us, and we expect nothing but the best. We love what we do, and it shows.

Will Murphy

Director, Editor


While skilled in cinematography, Will's greatest accomplishments have come from his directing and editing. Will's ability to tell a story makes him unparalleled as a director, and he uses that vision to create highly emotional edits and short films. His vision for each story makes his edits come together with speed and ease, and the final product is always seamless.



Steve Macina

Cinematographer, Editor


Steve is one of those people who can go with the flow and pick up new things without hesitation. We give him new equipment, new toys, new software, and he runs with it like he's been using it his whole life. Coupled with the fact that he's one of the fastest editors we've ever seen makes him a solid choice for field and studio work any day.



Ali Greene

Creative Director, Project Manager


With a solid foundation in the arts, Ali's greatest skill is her artistic eye. Whether it be in framing the perfect shot, or immersing herself in intense graphics work, her attention to detail helps polish an already solid product. Ali is the drill sergeant of the trio, and her preparedness and friendly nature ensures that everything is done on time and the client is left smiling.



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